Media Analytics For Marketers

  • Author

    Klara Gavran

  • Published

    Mar, 19, 2020

  • Reading time

    1 min

All the ways social listening can help you improve your marketing strategy. This ebook highlights the importance of media monitoring for marketers and moves away from establishing media monitoring tools as purely a PR instrument. It identifies six key areas that benefit from practicing social listening – from market research to analysing marketing campaign results.

What are you going to discover?

Market research: from launching a new product to entering a new market.

Social media engagement: a whole new approach to tracking campaigns, viral content and customer care.

Influencer marketing: a new way of finding and interacting with influencers.

Advertising: 10 new ways to improve your advertising efforts.

Competitor analysis: get to know your competitors. Learn your share of voice and act on it.

Campaign analytics: find out how many people your campaign really reached.

Download the ebook below to discover a whole new world of media monitoring for marketers.

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