[EBOOK] The right way to use online media monitoring tools

  • Author

    Iva Glavinić

  • Published

    Sep, 13, 2021

  • Reading time

    2 min

If you are working in marketing or public relations, you know that the internet has changed how information spreads. More importantly, it’s changed how we track and analyze that information. Hence, the rise of online media monitoring and the related tools.

The online world has become a party with around 4.66 billion people attending, and every attendee has a megaphone. Free to use however and whenever. The sheer amount of posts, tweets, blogs or articles posted daily is overwhelming. A customer from Brazil can post a negative user experience online and a journalist from Russia can pick it up minutes later. It is both the beauty and the plague of the online experience for brands.

As much as global connectivity has changed our world for the better, for marketers and publicists it can at times be scary. There are two fundamental feelings:

  1. What if something important is being said without my knowledge?
  2. What if there’s a growing crisis and I don’t know about it?

As if the job of a communications professional wasn’t stressful enough on its own.

A lot of professionals use online media monitoring tools to track their company and get a sense of security that they are on top of things. While this is a very important use case, there are also others that don’t come to mind at first.

Here are some ways you can use media monitoring to advance your business:

  • Compare your performance with that of your competitors
  • Identify channels where your users are most active
  • Discover influencers and popular online media outlets
  • Prevent brand identity theft or a communication crisis
  • Discover industry trends and incorporate them into your strategy
  • Do efficient and fast market research

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