[FREE EBOOK] What brands can learn from politicians on social media

  • Author

    Matija Martek

  • Published

    Jul, 28, 2016

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    1 min

The career of a politician often starts (and ends) with the media – the best politicians are also savvy communicators. With social media being one of the main communication channels through which they communicate with voters, brands can learn a valuable lesson from the most successful companies. 

While some politicians decided to hire an army of social media experts to do their bidding, some decided to directly connect with their audience by soloing.

With 76% of Internet users also being on social networks, the stakes are high.


  • What politicians can teach us about communication
  • What they can gain from brand communciation
  • The impact of social media on voters
  • Why Internet warriors can no longer be considered a noninfluential crowd


  • When is the right time to drop the mic