Driving Referral Traffic

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    Ivan Kasapović

  • Published

    Oct, 23, 2013

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    2 min

Determ makes content discovery easy. But what happens once you find good content? Where do you publish it? Are you sure you’re getting the maximum possible reach? Maybe you could tweak some points in your social media strategy to get the optimized result!

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This week, Facebook announced that the average referral traffic from Facebook to media sites rose 170% year-over-year. This is an incredible thing, a clear signal for media managers where to channel their efforts when it comes to building up their website traffic: post great content to your site’s Facebook page.

A few other interesting pieces of intel are site-specific Facebook referral growth rates. Time, a more traditional, yet powerful news site rose 208%. BuzzFeed, a site more oriented on the social-network generation which posts fun and shareable content, increased its Facebook referral by 855%. A category-specific site, Bleacher Report (sports), has seen the biggest rise yet, a whooping 1,081%! From this, it can be seen that a lot of factors influence your social referral success. But which ones should you tweak and how much?

Although Facebook tries to help with suggestions that sites often don’t post enough, the rule of diminishing returns still mustn’t be ignored, you have to know when enough is enough. Sadly, there is no magic formula – each site has to find its own sweet spot between posting too often and too frequent, keeping in mind the nature of its content, the category it’s in, and its readers’ preferences. Good luck!

Data source: Mashable

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