Discover New Information About Your Brand with Word Cloud

  • Author

    Klara Malnar

  • Published

    Jul, 13, 2020

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    3 min

When we talk about Determ’s reports, we often talk about the number of mentions, sentiment analysis, list of influencers, and so on… But, there’s another feature in the reports that can provide you with interesting information about your brand!

The feature is Word Cloud!

Example of Word Cloud

In this blog, we’ll cover all the valuable information about your brand you can get from Word Cloud and how you can utilize it. 

Most common words used in connection with your brand 

Let’s start with the most obvious one: Word Cloud provides you with the most common words used in connection with your brand

The size of the word represents the number of mentions – the bigger the word, the bigger the number of mentions. And the other way around – the smaller the word, the smaller the number of mentions.

By just looking at the Word Cloud you can learn in what context your brand is being mentioned online. This can be useful in times of crisis, for example, because it can help you with drafting a response. That way you’ll be sure that you covered all the controversial topics and you won’t have to withdraw and/or edit your response. 

Or you can use Word Cloud to understand your customers better and provide better service.

For example, Lush Cosmetics has a wide range of skincare and haircare products. With Word Cloud, they can easily see which products have the highest number of mentions.

It may be that people are interested in a specific product, but can’t find enough information about it. With Word Cloud, the company can see which products are mentioned the most and provide customers with product information whether directly or through different types of content.

Word Cloud can also serve as inspiration for campaign slogans, creating hashtags… Options are endless, it only takes a bit of creativity.

Discover emerging industry trends

This is somewhat connected to the previous point. 

With Word Cloud, you might detect emerging trends and topics in your niche

For example, during the COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of people turned to skincare as some form of relaxation and escaping reality. Cosmetic brands that usually focused more on promoting makeup were able to detect the rising skin care trend, and redirect their marketing efforts. By creating useful tutorials, ads, and collaborations early on, they were able to position themselves as brands who are paying attention and understand their customers’ wants and needs.

This is just one of the examples, but we could list so much more. By tracking emerging trends and topics you’ll have a head start compared to your competitors and will be able to position yourself as a thought leader.

Finding competitors through most used terms

If you’re in a highly competitive industry, it may be hard to keep track of all of your competitors. Or it may simply be hard to detect which competitor(s) you need to focus on

Word Cloud can help you in detecting real competitors and emerging ones. 

If you see the name of your competitor in the Word Cloud, click on it to see all mentions that people posted. Here’s just some of the information you can discover in those mentions – which product/service do people like more, is there something that needs improvement (product/service, marketing & communication efforts, customer service, etc.), are people recommending your product/service more or not, and if so why… 

Discover media outlets where most common words are used

Through Word Cloud, you can discover new media outlets covering your industry that you didn’t know about.

For example, if you’re tracking keywords relevant to your industry, you might stumble across media outlets you didn’t know existed which can be a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself. That way you’ll be able to expand your media and audience reach.

The great thing about Word Cloud is that you can customize it to get more narrow and relevant results. 

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