Use Determ to track brand mentions from VKontakte

  • Author

    Iva Glavinić

  • Published

    Mar, 10, 2017

  • Reading time

    2 min

We’ve been working hard to make Determ an even better experience for you. We are proud to say that we have now released a significant upgrade. We started tracking VKontakte!

This means that, in addition to already existing results from websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, forums, blogs, and comments, you can also receive real-time notifications and analyze the popularity of your brand or company on the largest European social media network.

With more than 410 million profiles, tracking VKontakte is an incredibly rich source of data for any marketer that is intent on doing business in Europe. VK is available in several languages and is especially popular among Russian-speaking users. Suffices it to say if you’re not tracking mentions from VKontakte, you might be missing out on a lot of valuable customer feedback about your brand.

Tracking VKontakte is available on all free and paid accounts by default. If you already have queries set up in your Determ account, you don’t have to do a thing to receive VK mentions.

To add a new query, input your query in the top right corner. The tool will automatically start tracking and you’ll receive recent mentions from all sources: VKontakte, websites and other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

VKontakte Mediatoolkit social network monitoring

Determ can track mentions in all languages, and written both in Cyrillic and Latin script – both are often found on VKontakte.

If you want to get notified only about VKontakte mentions, you can customize your search by going to Edit filters -> Sources.  You can even test your results by clicking on test query to see what you will get! 

Mediatoolkit VK filtering options

After you’ve set up your query, dig deeper into data and you get a lot of insight about how your brand is performing on social media. For example, you will see that many of your mentions are coming from VKontakte compared to other sources, or which mentions about your brand had the biggest reach. For example, for the query Хорватия (Croatia) we found that more than half of all mentions come from VKontakte. 

Mediatoolkit VKontakte share of voice report

There are a lot of other additional benefits you can get when you monitor VKontakte with Determ, such as:

  • Search with advanced Boolean operators
  • Insert an unlimited number of related keywords under a single topic
  • Include or exclude a country or a language
  • Include or exclude source types and authors
  • Find mentions with the biggest reach
  • Find top influencers
  • Analyze sentiment

And much more.