Determ Pricing Guide

  • Author

    Martina Pranjić

  • Published

    Oct, 13, 2022

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    5 min

So you’ve decided that Determ would be a valuable asset to your business?

Now let’s help you choose the right pricing plan. 

Whether you’re a small business owner interested only in your brand mentions, an agency working with clients, or a brand with multiple branches present in many markets, we have an option that fits all your business needs.

There is one thing that all our pricing plans have in common, though – you’ll have access to unlimited keywords on every plan, as well as real-time updates.

What is more, every pricing plan has access to mentions from all channels that we cover with Determ and access to 1 to 24 months of historical data, depending on your plan.


Digest overview of your mentions sent to your email in Excel, PDF or Word
Historical data – the data relevant to your query before its creation date. 
Keyword – a word or phrase you want to track
Mention –  a single search result (an online article or a post) that appears in the feed and contains some or all keywords defined in your query, depending on your desired query setup.
Query – a general search term comprised of one or multiple keywords 
Sentiment – general tone of mentions about a tracked topic that can represent a certain attitude, opinion, or context in which that query was mentioned; it can be positive, negative, or neutral
Share of voice – share of mentions between two or more queries
Source – the channel a mention originates from, e.g., Web, Twitter, Facebook pages, etc.
Tag – a word or phrase that can be assigned to a mention in order to categorize it by a certain feature, topic, or goal, for example, and to create custom charts based on tags

There are 3 pricing plans available:

  • Solo
  • Lite
  • Custom

Let’s break them down.


  • Are you a small business owner wanting to know when and where your business is mentioned?
  • Are you interested in your competitors’ mentions?
  • Do you run the business on your own, but could use a visual representation of your marketing efforts?

If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, then Solo is for you!

Solo is aimed at small businesses interested only in when and where they or their competitors are mentioned. Following that, you will have access to alerts, digests and our mobile app, as well as our predefined reports, but not to advanced analysis and automation features. 

Solo plan starts at 49 EUR/monthly

This plan will enable you to:

  • Set up 5 queries
  • Collect 10 000 mentions
  • Track what people are saying about your brand and get insights into your brand image
  • Get user-generated content that you can use for your promotion
  • React on time and prevent a crisis
  • Check what your competitors are doing and learn about their brand image
  • Track media coverage of your campaigns or press releases


Lite offers access to additional features and analytics. Here are a couple of questions if you’re considering this plan:

Do you:

  • Have a marketing/PR department in your company that has to provide reports?
  • Need access to metrics like sentiment of mentions and share of voice?
  • Have more people on your team who don’t need access to all features?

If this sounds about right, then the Lite plan may be the best solution for your business.

Lite is excellent for businesses that have their own marketing and/or PR departments. These departments track online mentions of their companies and competitors, analyze data and draw conclusions about their brand image and brand awareness. Based on the data, they create new campaigns and propose further action plans.

Lite plan starts at 99 EUR/monthly

This plan will enable you to: 

  • Set up 10 queries
  • Collect 50 000 mentions
  • Monitor all online mentions of your brand and your competitors, and find out their sentiment
  • Tag your mentions by a feature, goal, or topic and categorize them for a more detailed analysis
  • Get user-generated content that you can use for your promotion
  • Get real-time alerts through both our mobile app and Slack, and prevent a crisis
  • Create predefined reports and export them
  • Have dedicated user roles based on your team’s tasks


We’ve created Custom with the sole intention to create a plan completely tailored to your goals. In this context, it encompasses a range of different sub-plans, aimed to cover all your business needs.

Custom plans will give you access to all the features Determ provides. You should consider this plan if:

  • You have a marketing/PR department in your company with the need to track your online mentions regularly and provide advanced analysis
  • You work with multiple companies, and you’d like to offer media monitoring services to them
  • You would like access to raw data, more integration options, and more reporting options

or if you are:

  • a large multinational company present in many markets
  • a company with multiple brands under your umbrella

Custom is a great fit for companies with PR/marketing departments with a task to plan marketing and PR activities on a larger scale, to track their success and provide a thorough analysis. Determ gives an abundance of information to work with and saves time with its advanced reporting features.

It is also perfect for PR or marketing companies (or agencies) that work with multiple clients. Their services typically include creating brand awareness, monitoring brand reputation, crisis management, and following trends – areas well covered with a media monitoring tool. Therefore they can use Determ for their own purpose, and to empower the service they provide to their clients. 

Last but not least, it is also an asset in large multinational companies, since it will give you access to everything you need to perform media monitoring for all your markets and brands. In addition, you will have all customer support options at your disposal and a dedicated Account Manager to guide you along the way.

pr agency
Custom plan starts at 699 EUR/monthly

This plan will enable you to:

  • Set up from 50 to an unlimited number of queries
  • Have an unlimited number of users and get an unlimited number of mentions
  • Get up to 24 months of historical data
  • Tag your mentions by a feature, goal, or topic, categorize them and create custom reports
  • Get an overview of your mentions in a chosen timeframe through digests
  • Get user-generated content that you can use for your or your clients’ promotional campaigns
  • Get real-time alerts through the mobile app and Slack and help your clients prevent a crisis
  • Create predefined, custom, and branded reports for you and your clients
  • Speed up your team’s processes with automated actions and query presets
  • Get a dedicated Account Manager and guided onboarding with our Customer Support team

Hope this clears the picture for you! If you’d like to see all our pricing plans compared or need more info, check our pricing page or contact us via customer support.