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Coronavirus Query Set Up

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    Klara Malnar

  • Published

    Mar, 17, 2020

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The current situation regarding Coronavirus has impacted almost every industry in the world. A lot of our clients are seeking information about the potential impact of the pandemic on their businesses, the steps their respective governments are taking, etc. so they can make timely decisions or give strategic advice to their clients.

In this case, Determ can help you to:

  • Get real-time information about new government decisions regarding pandemic
  • Detect news of business decisions regarding your partners, business associates, and suppliers
  • Keep track of the events at the borders through which your products are transported
  • Check what’s being said about your brands in the context of the virus
  • Track the development of the virus situation in the countries with which you do business

For that reason, we wrote these instructions so you can set up queries regarding Coronavirus in the context that is the most relevant to you.

Steps to set up your queries

As coronavirus keywords, use all variants usually used in your local language. 

For example, in Croatian, we use: (koronavirus* OR covid-19 OR covid19 OR korona OR koroni OR koronu OR koronom).

To set up your queries click on:

Start tracking > Add keywords and phrases > Next > Advanced settings*

*using Advanced settings with Boolean operators helps you restrict the context so that you don’t receive every news regarding the virus, but only the ones relevant to you. Keep in mind that you need to use quotation marks with phrases (two words or more). You can also restrict sources for the tool to monitor (e. g. monitor only websites).

Setting up queries regarding government measures and economy

Your set up should look like this: 

(coronavirus* OR koronavirus* OR covid-19 OR covid19) AND (“government measures” OR economy)

Setting up queries regarding tourism/tourism in a specific country (Croatia example)

Your set up should look like this: 

(coronavirus* OR koronavirus* OR covid-19 OR covid19) AND (tourism OR tourists OR travel) AND croatia 

Setting up queries regarding transport and boarders

Your set up should look like this: 

(coronavirus* OR koronavirus* OR covid-19 OR covid19) AND (transport*  OR export OR “closing borders” OR “closed borders” OR “open borders” OR “opening borders”)

Other languages

Russian/Serbian – коронавирус* OR kороhавирус* OR “корона вирус*” OR “kороhа вирус*” 

Hungarian/Slovakian – koronavírus* OR “korona vírus*”

English/German/French – coronavirus OR “corona vírus*”

Turkish – coronavirüs OR “corona virüs*”

If you need additional help with setting up your queries, contact us through the chat button in the tool. 

We’ll be happy to help!

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