Announcement: Partial Service Interruption

  • Author

    Ivor Bihar

  • Published

    Sep, 05, 2019

  • Reading time

    1 min

Dear users,

as of Thursday, September 5th, Mediatoolkit is undergoing Facebook’s review to determine and confirm our data compliance. During the review, we can not access the data provided by Facebook, which will, unfortunately, influence your Mediatoolkit feed. We expect the review to last approximately ten days. During that time, you will not receive any new mentions from public Facebook pages, but we will keep the previously found mentions in your feed. 

While it may pose an inconvenience, we are more than determined to help realize the idea of the Internet as a safe environment. We are glad to take a step which will ensure the safety and privacy of Facebook users data. From the start, we have built Mediatoolkit with high regards to Facebook’s Terms of Service, ensuring us we will pass the review, and carry on with the operations as usual.

In case of any questions, you are free to contact us at