Emerging technologies change the way we live each day more and more. But, sometimes even more effectively, they change the way we do business. As for the PR industry, it was and continues to be revolutionized by some of the best PR tools and modern technologies.

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The process of implementation of these new technologies is called corporate innovation. If done strategically, it can improve existing business models and provide opportunities for growthIn most companies nowadays, communicators and marketers thrive on innovations more and more common in the industry.

Here are the best PR tools that can simplify your life:

#1) Prezly is one of the best PR tools for contact management and engagement

If you work in PR, you know that one of the essential tools you probably use daily is a list of your contacts, also known as an ADREMA. Creating one requires an ample amount of time spent on collecting contacts, addresses, detailed descriptions of the media, their scope, specialization, and so on, even if it’s done online. 

prezly interface

A contact list makes your job easier when sending out press releases. But, it’s important to keep it well organized and constantly updated. If Excel tables require too much effort for you, we have some good news. There’s an online tool to do all the work for you!

Prezly is a contact management and engagement tool that is a modern version of an online ADREMA. Other than that, it has features such as press releases, tailored messaging, customizable email templates, and targeted email campaigns with built-in reporting. Shortly, you can create a contact database and then send out your press releases directly from the tool. 

Furthermore, it enables you to create online newsrooms for your company. This way, you can set up your press releases and additional materials for journalists to download without the hassle of you sending large attachments every single time. 

#2) Mixmax enhances email communication

Speaking of sending bulk emails to your contacts, do you still do it manually? If the answer is yes, it’s time to upgrade. Being such a large part of your everyday tasks, communicating via email can be tiring and very repetitive. A way to increase your productivity is to automate some of your emails using templates instead of writing or copying the same answer over and over again.

Mixmax allows you to create several templates to choose from, and then track your emails to know if and when someone reads them. The same applies to group emails as well, so you can know the aforementioned information for every individual.

mixmax screenshot in the best pr tools list by mediatoolkit

Other great features include scheduling emails to send later and the one-click meeting scheduling, which enables setting up meetings directly from the tool. By listing your availability to the recipient, they can simply choose the time that best suits them without the additional calls or emails. 

One of the alternatives to MixMax is Mailshake, a platform specializing in sales engagement, but just as useful for engaging your media list

#3) Spell checking is a breeze with Grammarly

When it comes to content production, the amount of it is at an ever-growing rate. Proofreading all of it would take ages (and money) – hence why many companies don’t do it. Not in the traditional way, that is. 

grammarly screenshot in the best pr tools list by mediatoolkit

Spelling and grammar are made up of sets of rules and guidelines, both easily learnable by machines. So, to face the daunting task of spell checking nowadays, all you need is a tool such as Grammarly. It is a free online grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection software. 

Grammarly can be easily added as an extension to your browser. It works on the majority of websites, including Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, and social media. It blends seamlessly into your content production and subtly accentuates errors in writing. Other than suggesting improvements in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, it will also check for misused style and tone of writing to better the overall content quality and consistency.

#4) Manage multiple social media accounts with Hootsuite

Nowadays, almost any type of business seems unimaginable without having an online presence. Other than having a good responsive website, opting for having official social media accounts is a very desirable decision. Managing social media is a task that might seem simple and mundane, although many still don’t recognize its importance. 

Directly communicating to your target audience and providing content that is educational and informative builds trust with clients and customers. Furthermore, it increases brand awareness and promotes the company’s culture. Frequency and consistency are very important for a successful social media strategy. 

hootsuite auto scheduling screenshot in the best pr tools list by mediatoolkit

Planning and scheduling your posts on various social media outlets can be made very simple by using online tools for social media management. Hootsuite might be the most popular one, as it enables managing multiple social media accounts in one place. This way, you can be active on social media 24/7 without actually having to put so much time and effort outside of your work hours. Furthermore, Hootsuite has features like Content Curation, Analytics, and Monitoring that help you create and measure the effects of your content.

#5) Determ is a must-have PR measurement and brand reputation tool

Knowing what the public is thinking about your client, brand or company is important. Getting the right information at the right time is essential.

So, forget about manual press clipping or googling your client to see what the media is saying about them. There are more efficient PR measurement tools that monitor brand reputation in real-time, evaluate the efforts of your campaigns, and prevent crises.


Determ is the go-to choice of numerous businesses of all sizes and industries. It monitors mentions in any language across 100+ million sources online, including social media. A feed of mentions enables you to see exactly what user or media outlet using which source and in what context mentioned your query. Advanced analytics provide data about the reach of your campaigns, the number of mentions, top influencers, top locations, most used channels, sentiment, the share of voice, and many more. 

The tool will also alert you when your query is mentioned in real-time, or if it starts generating more online buzz than usual. The latter could mean either going viral or an opportunity to prevent a potential crisis

#6) Canva enables you to create stunning visuals 

If a picture speaks a thousand words, your visual content might be just as valuable as your blogs, posts, and other forms of textual content. Luckily, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create visuals that look professional. Canva is a one-stop-shop for everything visual, and the best of all – it’s free!

canva screenshot

The drag & drop system makes creating content very simple and intuitive. There are templates for almost anything you can think of. Logos, posters, flyers, brochures, social media posts, presentations, infographics, and many more. Canva offers templates for every category of graphics, so you’re covered if you’ve run out of ideas or are unsure of the dimensions for your post.

#7) Produce engaging video content with Headliner

Other than static visuals, dynamic ones seem to spark interest and encourage higher user engagement. Video stories and posts can be easily created in minutes with Headliner. Upload your content or use the abundant built-in stock footage library and customize the video to your liking. 

headliner video editor screenshot

You can choose between three video formats. ‘Landscape’ is great for YouTube and websites. Just like Canva, Headliner’s video editor has a drag & drop system that enables you to easily edit your content, add music, photos, videos, and gifs. The free version offers up to 10 unwatermarked videos per month. You can download them directly to your computer or auto-share to social media.

#8) Analyze your performance with Google Analytics

There is a saying that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Hence, using an analytics tool is crucial to evaluate what works and what needs adjusting. By tracking your campaigns, you can get relevant data and facts to support your decision making. 

When it comes to tools for analytics, Google Analytics just might be the most popular one out there. It does require a learning curve, but Google offers free lessons for mastering the tool. And when you do, the amount of data you can track and measure is incredible. It helps to understand how various phases of your campaigns are performing. Furthermore, you get to know your customers’ behavior and habits better. 

google analytics demo account screenshot

You could track everything from the operating system your visitors use to the content they search for on your site. Hence, you could get new ideas for your content or optimize the choice of channels for content distribution. 

Summing up on best PR tools

As the technologies are constantly advancing and becoming more innovative, the pressure for industries and businesses to keep up is higher than ever. Corporate innovation makes the day-to-day business more efficient and productive, while also discovering new opportunities for growth and expansion. In other words, it gives companies the edge needed to stay ahead of the competition.

In the age of an ever-growing need for increased efficiency and productivity, online solutions are quickly becoming a fundamental part of doing business. Modern PR tools easily execute even the most mundane tasks, leaving more time for professionals to focus on things that matter the most.