5 User Insights on Publishing First

  • Author

    Ivan Kasapović

  • Published

    Oct, 15, 2013

  • Reading time

    2 min

Of course publishing quality content before anyone else is a great advantage, but have you ever really thought about what real benefits being number one it brings you?

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We’ve gathered these insights from our users’ experiences:

1. Trust

Editors love publishing quality content. Not because it makes them look good, but because they know that their readers aren’t stupid. Don’t underestimate them! Publishing quality content leads to customer trust.

Imagine having a history of publishing articles on double-headed chicken and Miley Cyrus’ latest scandal, then publishing an article on a possible cure for cancer. Nobody would take your article and you seriously.

That’s why it’s important to publish quality content, so you gain your audience’s trust and can start building it up. Be patient, after a few truly beneficial stories that bring value added, they will come to expect more quality content. Congratulations, you’ve earned their trust.

2. Positive Brand Perception

This one comes hand in hand with gaining your readers’ trust. You should already feel the benefits from gaining a more positive perception of your brand. Customers feel closer to you and turn to you more often than to your competitors. You should feel the positive change in an increase in website visits, more revenue or some other relevant metrics. Fire up that analytics tool again and see how you’re doing!

3. Timeliness

Trust is retained by staying up to date with up to par content. Not only that your readers trust you to deliver relevant and quality content, but they also count on you to bring it on time.

On time, sure, but what does that exactly mean? On time means before anybody else.

Bringing a hot story first is crucial. News nowadays spreads very quickly and over many sources. A casual news consumer runs into the same viral story several times a day. They recognize such a story as very important, so if they have seen it on your site first, this is a big plus for your brand perception in their book. Be sure to enter this recurring race and try to win as many times as possible.

4. A Good Cause

Every once in a while a big charity takes over the world. Basically, the same principles apply here, as well. Publish first, and not only will you be perceived as philanthropic for publishing a story for a good cause, you’ll be perceived as extra caring for recognizing a good cause early on.

5. Sense of Humor

All the reasons listed above are great and everything, but you can’t always be all-serious. Sometimes, you’ve gotta let loose and publish something funny, but related to the category you’re in, of course. People bond by laughing together – try doing that with your readers. Choose to what extent you want to be hilarious, choose a tone and style and stick to it.