5 Most Reliable Tools to Monitor Online Reputation

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    Sunčica Čuljak

  • Published

    Nov, 29, 2022

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The reputation of your brand inherently impacts the results of your business. And if people don’t trust you, chances are they’re not buying your product. Or even worse, spreading the negative opinions online.

Let’s avoid letting that occur. 

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There is a significant difference in the amount of information about you available online. And usually, once something is online, it stays there indefinitely. That’s why it’s so important for you to monitor online reputation. And additionaly, take all necessary steps to reduce any negative comments about you or your company. 

You can use quite a few internet reputation management tools to lessen the risks of more damaging referrals, as well as to understand your reputation and then to improve it. 

This blog’ll go through our top 5 tools for used to monitor online reputation. Let’s dig in!

What Does it Mean to Monitor Online Reputation

Online reputation management refers to building and maintaining a positive online and social media image for you and your company. This may entail responding to negative comments and reviews posted online for some businesses. But most of the time, it involves making sure the appropriate content representing a brand or company is as visible as possible to the kinds of people interested in it.

Leaving a digital trail is essential. Why? When we first hear about something, many of us immediately Google it. Therefore, being visible online is vital whether a firm is digital or not. More importantly, when someone finds you or your business online, they should initially see positive conversations. Landing on negative conversations first, impacts their decision greatly.

Best Tools to Monitor Online Reputation

#1 Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo displays the news, blogs, and social media posts that are trending. You can use this to contrast your own material with that of competitors and determine why their writing may be more popular online. It’s also an effective instrument for communication. You can start by creating better content if you are aware of what is successful online. 

However, Buzzsumo is best utilized to find influencers who can remarkably impact your business. Influencers in school are popular students. By extension, hanging out with them makes you seem cool. Therefore, developing a solid influencer marketing strategy is an excellent method to enhance your reputation.

Buzzsumo to monitor online reputation and find influencers
Buzzsumo influencers

Consider this: getting Bill Gates to endorse your brand is like getting on the fast lane to greater recognition and respect. Buzzsumo also enables you to locate people in your business who you might be able to approach because it’s unlikely to be Bill Gates. 

It’s easy. Simply enter a topic of interest, and Buzzsumo will display the leading influencers in that industry:

#2 SimilarWeb

The website rating service SimilarWeb is already well-known to many of us. SimilarWeb determines how much traffic a specific website or blog receives. Even as a free tool, it provides a fairly accurate picture of how your website performs. 

However, SimilarWeb is also a business monitoring tool that can provide a lot more information about your website. The largest benefit is that it allows you to compare your website’s performance to that of the competition for things like average time on site, bounce rate, and page views per visit. By doing so, you may improve your website and see how you compare to other companies in your sector. 

Similarweb to monitor online reputation

Additionally, SimilarWeb provides a variety of digital information, including industry-specific market research. This includes brand visibility studies that demonstrate the level of recognition and esteem your brand has in your industry. 

All of this is done to assist you in maintaining the best website possible in comparison to your rivals. Small improvements go a long way in a competitive industry with limited breathing room.

#3 Determ

What initially began as a service for collecting press clippings that searched news articles for keywords important to clients has subsequently developed into a sophisticated media monitoring tool. Because its numerous features concentrate on efficiently monitoring what is being said about your business online, Determ is a popular tool to monitor online reputation.

Determ expands its scope beyond press monitoring by incorporating social media listening and real-time analytics.

Determ media monitoring tool

The capability of this platform to conduct sentiment analysis using user comments and opinions is without a doubt one of its most amazing features. 

Real-time notifications when comments are made about your brand on multiple sites are another feature worth mentioning. There are 2 kinds: smart and spike alerts. Smart alerts are notifications for every mention that matches specific criteria and spike alerts are notifications that you get when there is an increase in the amount of mentions for a certain topic. With this, you can take immediate action to address any potential issues or promote positive feedback to naturally create brand ambassadors.

With Determ, you have access to both historical and real-time data. You can monitor mentions of your company name, social media accounts, and other keywords.

#4 Google alerts

Using Google Alerts, you can set up notifications that are sent out whenever your brand or any other established term is mentioned in an article on the internet. 

Google’s robust search engine enables users to specify which words they want to track. When a company or individual publishes something that contains that word, it sends a notification so you can take appropriate action. 

This application has been popular due to its user-friendly layout and how simple it is to create alerts.  

Google Alerts allows for monitoring the web for new content
Google Alerts

Despite not having many analysis tools, Google Alerts will always give you the ability to keep a set of eyes on online mentions about your company.

#5 SentiOne

SentiOne, a company founded in 2011, employs AI technology to assist organizations with automated customer care. The two primary platforms are Listen and Automate.

With the Listen platform, you can monitor online discussions that are significant to your business. This gives you more control over how your company is seen online. Since companies like Nivea trust it, you may use it to gather comments from countless sources, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, Google Reviews, and TripAdvisor.

You can prevent social media catastrophes with its AI-based anomaly identification and notifications. You’ll be alerted automatically if a sudden increase in online discussions might indicate a potential issue. This allows you to try to fix it before it gets worse. Afterwards you can participate in online chats using its all-inclusive customer support tool. Or even its Automate platform’s powerful conversational AI voice bots.

Sentione AI anomaly identification notification to monitor online reputation

To sum up

You don’t need to rely on luck to manage your online reputation. Your brand will be viewed in a better light by more people with careful monitoring to start, followed by well-planned communication.