In recent years, brand collaboration has become increasingly popular as companies from different industries join forces to create unique and innovative products. Such collabs not only help manufacturers attract new audiences but also allow them to use each other’s experience.

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This leads to the creation of innovative and exciting products. So, this article will look at ten fantastic brand collaborations divided into separate categories for your convenience.


Nissan & Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have been developing new ways to adapt vehicle technology for moon rovers since January 2020. In December 2021, companies presented a prototype lunar rover created in collaboration.

The ARIYA electric crossover became the first production vehicle with such technology. E-4ORCE controls the torque and braking force on each wheel, ensuring the right balance of traction in challenging road conditions: snow, ice, or rain.

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Fiat & Google

In early 2021, Fiat launched unique versions of the 500, 500X, and 500L cars with support for Google services. In addition, they received a new version of Fiat’s telematics system. The system is controlled by Hey Google and tracks the vehicle’s location. The models also stand out externally. They received a special two-tone livery, Hey Google badges on the wheel arches, and embroidered logos on the seats.

Gadgets & Technology

Starbucks & Spotify

The streaming service and the coffee chain have been working together for years on their First-of-Its-Kind Music Ecosystem, allowing brands to unite their audiences. For example, they have a joint bonus program, premium accounts and extra features for baristas, and unique song selections for restaurants.

In addition, the streaming service launched projects with pop singers: in 2021, it participated in the promotion of Taylor Swift’s album re-release RED, including in the menu the singer’s favorite drink, and presented a limited collection of branded goods with K-pop group BLACKPINK.

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Uber & Spotify

Uber and Spotify Collab
A great example of brand collaborations is Uber and Spotify’s way of enhancing riders journeys

Uber users from ten American cities could create a ride soundtrack as part of the collaboration. It is an excellent example of a partnership between two companies that offer completely different products . They had the same goal — attracting more customers.

Here’s how it worked: while waiting for a ride, the user was asked to connect to Spotify and select a soundtrack. It not only helped improve the overall experience but also became a motivation to choose Spotify and Uber over competitors more often.

Tinder & Ford

Brand collaborations example – Ad campaign with Ford and Tinder

In 2017, American automaker Ford launched a joint promotion with the Tinder dating service. Several branded profiles appeared on the app with the instruction, “Swipe right if you fancy a blind date in a Ford Mustang.” 

A total of 1.5 million app users interacted with this promotional offer. However, only five couples were chosen as winners of the ad campaign. They drove around London in yellow Ford Mustang cars, interacting with comedian Jarred Christmas. The date ended in an automobile movie theater.

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Polaroid & Fendi

In 2021, the Italian luxury fashion house Fendi released a version of the classic Vintage Polaroid OneStep Close-Up 600 in collaboration with camera and optics manufacturer Polaroid. It is compatible with Polaroid 600 film and has a built-in flash with manual control.

As for shape, it resembles the original camera from the nineties. Still, its body is covered in colorful Fendi monograms of a double F letter. New York City-based visual artist invented the design. She distorted the monogram pattern as if taking them through a fisheye lens. It is an excellent example of a collaboration between two major brands. 

However, it depends mainly on approximately the same number of mentions of the two companies on the web. So if you want to collaborate with a particular brand, you should first monitor online mentions of your brand in real-time so that your negotiations bear fruit.

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Fendi-Polaroid collab


ColourPop & Disney

ColourPop Cosmetics (also known as ColourPop) was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles and quickly gained popularity through a strong Instagram presence. It mainly produces products for the eyes, lips, and face. 

ColourPop operates on a “fast beauty” approach and regularly releases themed collections. It also has collaborations dedicated to various characters, from Hello Kitty and Barbie dolls to NBA teams. One of the most vibrant collaborations was created with Disney and included The Child palette dedicated to the character Grog from “The Mandalorian.”

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ColourPopo & Disney

Crayola & Clinique

Crayola is an American stationery manufacturer whose history goes back to 1885 when Edwin Binney and Harold Smith bought a pigment factory from Edwin’s father. Crayola’s most recognizable product is wax crayons, first released in 1903. 

In 2017, the American cosmetics brand Clinique partnered with Crayola for ten colored lip balms. The packaging, names, and shades (Mauvelous, Razzmatazz, and Mango Tango) match the classic Crayola pencils. The collection was a limited edition and was dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

Supreme & Pat McGrath

American clothing and skateboarding lifestyle brand Supreme is known for its love of collaborations since it has already released limited-edition collections with Louis Vuitton, Nike, and even Oreo. In 2020, Supreme also debuted in the beauty sphere, presenting lipstick. 

The partner on the project was Pat McGrath, a makeup artist from Great Britain, one of the most influential people in the beauty industry. She is known for collaborating with the designer Alexander McQueen and has been developing her brand since 2015.  

The highly pigmented matte lipstick is presented in Supreme’s only iconic shade. Additionally, the product has Pat McGrath branded packaging with gold lips and a Supreme logo. 

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Supreme & Pat McGrath

H&M & Moschino

The partner of the Swedish clothing company H&M in the 2018 collaboration was the Italian luxury brand Moschino, known for its bright and eccentric designs and love of pop culture. The collection includes tall leather lace-up boots, swimwear, T-shirts, and outerwear in the spirit of the 1990s. 

It is a striking example of successful collaboration between brands from different countries, which shows that the search for partners may extend beyond your host country. For example, you can use translation services to communicate with representatives of foreign companies to create a successful brand collaboration.

Food and Catering

McDonald’s & Travis Scott

In 2020, McDonald’s launched a combo set in collaboration with Travis Scott. The Cactus Jack (Scott’s brand) includes a cheeseburger, lettuce, bacon, fries with BBQ sauce and  Sprite with extra ice.

The campaign also featured a set of toys and accessories and a line of Cactus Jack clothing: a T-shirt and jacket. There is the world-famous letter M on the chest and a burger-inspired tie. In addition, on launch day, the rapper personally signed autographs at a McAuto.

It was the first fast food restaurant’s star collaboration since 1992 when the chain partnered with basketball player Michael Jordan. And because of its success a year later, McDonald’s did another project with pop culture celebrities.

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McDonald’s & BTS

In 2021, McDonald’s collaborated with a South Korean pop group to introduce the BTS Meal, which consisted of nuggets, medium fries, cola, and two South Korean sauces. The campaign was accompanied by branded merchandise such as pajamas, pillows, and bags.

Demand was so great that some restaurants had to stop taking orders in Malaysia. In the U.S., in the first seven days after the launch, the number of visits increased by 12%. On the back of the collaboration, McDonald’s revenue for the quarter increased by 57%.

Johnnie Walker & “Game of Thrones”

The Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey brand has already released several themed varieties inspired by the popular TV series. In June 2019, the brand introduced two new whiskies, Song of Ice and Song of Fire, dedicated to House Stark and House Targaryen. 

Song of Ice is reported to have a “clean and crisp” flavor, while Song of Fire is “rich and spicy” with light smoky notes. In October 2018, Johnnie Walker unveiled a Johnnie White Walker flavor commemorating the release of the final season of “Game of Thrones” and serving as a reference to the White Walkers. 

The limited-edition label is in thermochromic ink, and the phrase “The winter is coming” appears on the label as it cools. The drink has notes of caramelized sugar, vanilla, and fresh red berries.


Liquid Death & Tony Hawk

Brand collaborations example – Tony Hawk and Liquid Death

Liquid Death sells drinking water in aluminum cans. The brand differs with an unconventional approach to marketing — from the brand name and slogans (“Murder your thirst”) to the overall style, which is more typical of heavy metal bands. 

At the same time, the company actively speaks out against the use of plastic. The brand was officially introduced in 2019 and quickly gained a significant audience of fans, primarily punks, and skateboarders. 

That’s why Liquid Death enlisted skateboarder Tony Hawk to produce its limited edition collection of branded skateboards. As part of the collaboration, 100 skateboards were made. They were covered in red paint, to which Hawke’s real blood was added. 


Brand collaborations can be an excellent way for companies to reach new audiences and create innovative and exciting products. The collabs mentioned above are just a few examples of how two brands from different industries can create something unique. Whether it’s a highly pigmented matte lipstick or a branded skateboard, these partnerships demonstrate the potential for creativity and innovation.

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